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Who We are

We are passionate people who love working on difficult challenges. We keep learning and turning the wheels in our heads. We have each spent decades perfecting our craft and we think our opinion matters.

What’s our story

We are long-time friends and work partners who have come together under one banner to share our expertise and help businesses grow. We want to change the work culture in Kolkata & India by creating newer opportunities for businesses & people with the aid of design & technology.

We are Brand Consultants

We are Design Consultants

We are a Marketing Agency

We are an Advertising Agency

We are Website Developers

We are App Developers

We are Designers

We craft meaningful brand strategies and visual identity systems.

We create effective marketing strategies & advertising materials that connect with the audience emotionally and keep conversations flowing.

We design & develop kickass websites & applications.

We are experts in printing & packaging design, planning events & building interiors that match your brand.

We are hatchtag

And we empower you to empower others.

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